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Marine Environment Sensing Network (MESN)

Climate change, coastal urbanization and other anthropogenic impacts can disrupt marine environmental cycles, and cause far-reaching changes and re-organization of biological, physical and chemical systems.

ambient noise imaging

Reefwatch: Using soundscape to monitor reef health

While physical parameters (e.g. currents, temperature, water quality, visibility, salinity, etc) of the environment around coral reefs are relatively easy to measure with instruments, biological

glacier acoustics

Listening to glaciers

The Arctic is one of the focal points of global climate change, with surface temperatures rising twice as fast as the rest of the world.

Impact of bubbles on communication

It has long been known that bubbles severely affect underwater acoustic propagation. Communication systems operating in the surf zone or in areas with strong winds

Articles from Affiliated Sites

The featured articles here come from affiliated sites like the Unet, Subnero and Earthzine.

Unet project has its origins in the ARL way back in 2004.The core technology called UnetStack, is an agent-based network stack that allows underwater network to be rapidly developed, tested and deployed. Unet has offered much of its technology as free open-source software to promote community collaboration, and continues today to advance its research and development of the technology.

Subnero is a spin-off company of the ARL that provides commercial products and solutions to faciliate underwater wireless networked communications as well as in-water sensing and monitoring.
Earthzine is an online magazine run by volunteers of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES). ARL researchers contribute actively to this magazine, by taking on various responsibilities in the team such as Chief Editor, Board of Directors, Associate Editors and Webmaster.

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