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Prof. Mandar Chitre presented the 2020 Distinguished Technical Achievement Award

Each year, the Distinguished Technical Achievement Award of the Oceanic Engineering Society honors one OES member for an outstanding fundamental or applied technical contribution to oceanic engineering. The award recognizes a single major invention or scientific contribution, or a distinguished series of contributions over a long period of time.

ROMANIS featured in The Straits Times

The sea may seem a picture of calm, but that belies what lies beneath. Beneath a backdrop of rolling waves, the crackle of coral and chitter of fish are among a myriad of sounds made by one of the world’s noisiest environments.


Water chemistry assessment via sample
collection has always been a labour-intensive
exercise with many inherent physical
limitations. The information collected is usually
discrete in nature, with limited spatial extent
that may not provide a detailed representation
of the three-dimensional (3-D) water bodies.