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TWiki's ARL web https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL The ARL web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. en-us Copyright 2020 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [webmaster@arl.nus.edu.sg] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Home - this site is powered by TWiki(R).ARL https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/T-logo-140x40-t.gif GabrielChua https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/GabrielChua (last changed by GabrielChua) 2020-11-24T02:47:30Z GabrielChua HariVishnu https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/HariVishnu Hari Vishnu Research Fellow Hari Vishnu obtained his Ph.D degree in 2013 from the Technological University (NTU), Singapore, in Computer Engineering. He did his B... (last changed by HariVishnu) 2020-11-12T04:59:57Z HariVishnu People https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/People Interested to join us? Check out: Research positions Postgraduate studies Undergraduate internships People The ARL has full time researchers, engineers... (last changed by MandarChitre) 2020-08-13T12:38:47Z MandarChitre MandarChitre https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/MandarChitre Mandar Chitre Associate Professor Head Mandar Chitre is currently the Head of the ARL at Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI) and an Associate Professor at... (last changed by MandarChitre) 2019-10-20T12:24:14Z MandarChitre MediaCoverage https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/MediaCoverage Media Coverage Underwater Communication and Sensing Networks how the world is trying to get internet across oceans and underwater (Business Insider, 2014)... (last changed by OngLeelin) 2019-07-10T08:20:11Z OngLeelin Publications https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/Publications Publications Book Chapters / Articles in Collections Journal Articles Keynote, Plenary and Invited Conference Talks Conference Articles and Talks Theses and Dissertations... (last changed by OngLeelin) 2019-05-14T02:07:48Z OngLeelin LiKexin https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/LiKexin Li Kexin Ph.D. student Kexin is currently a Ph.D. student at ARL, working at the intersection between underwater robotics and underwater acoustics. blah blah blah... (last changed by MandarChitre) 2019-05-04T13:44:02Z MandarChitre RajatMishra https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/RajatMishra Rajat Mishra Ph.D. Student Rajat received his Bachelors degree in Electronics Electrical from VIT University, India. During his time at VIT, he got the chance to... (last changed by MandarChitre) 2019-05-04T12:56:02Z MandarChitre WongLiangJie https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/WongLiangJie Wong Liang Jie Research Engineer Liang Jie received his honours degree in electronics engineering from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is currently... (last changed by LiangjieWong) 2019-04-25T08:33:14Z LiangjieWong Research https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/Research Research Overview Research opportunities: Research positions Postgraduate studies Undergraduate internships Dolphin Research internships The ARL... (last changed by MandarChitre) 2019-02-06T02:37:42Z MandarChitre TanSooPieng https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/TanSooPieng Tan Soo Pieng Research Engineer Soo Pieng received her bachelor of engineering (BEng) in Electrical Electronic Engineering from Nottingham Trent university. She... (last changed by SooPiengTan) 2019-01-21T06:58:37Z SooPiengTan VenugopalanPallayil https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/VenugopalanPallayil Pallayil Venugopalan Senior Research Fellow Deputy Head Venugopalan Pallayil, or Venu as he is popularly known among his friends, has a post graduate degree in... (last changed by VenugopalanPallayil) 2019-01-12T08:42:15Z VenugopalanPallayil TooYuenMin https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/TooYuenMin Too Yuen Min Research Fellow Yuen Min received the B.Eng. degree in biomedical from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia, in 2010 and the Ph.D. degree in underwater... (last changed by TooYuenMin) 2018-11-21T04:07:16Z TooYuenMin SaimaAhmed https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/SaimaAhmed Saima Ahmed Research Associate Saima joined ARL in 2016. She did her Bachelors and Masters, both in Electrical Engineering, from the National University of Sciences... (last changed by SaimaAhmed) 2018-09-28T10:35:43Z SaimaAhmed AhmedMahmood https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/AhmedMahmood Ahmed Mahmood Research Fellow Ahmed is currently a Research Fellow and a Research Lead at the Acoustic Research Laboratory (ARL) at the National University of Singapore... (last changed by AhmedMahmood) 2018-07-13T08:26:19Z AhmedMahmood ChiCheng https://arl.nus.edu.sg/twiki6/bin/view/ARL/ChiCheng Chi Cheng Research Fellow Cheng is currently a Research Fellow at the ARL. He obtained his Ph.D degree in July 2016 from Peking University (PKU), Beijing, China.... (last changed by ChengChi) 2018-03-31T07:35:34Z ChengChi
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