Rajat Mishra

Ph.D. Student

Rajat received his Bachelors degree in Electronics & Electrical from VIT University, India. During his time at VIT, he got the chance to develop control softwares for robotic systems. He was also was one of the developers of Humanoid iZac, which got national acclaim for itís flexible motions. In addition, he also started a student run lab called Creation Labs at VIT, which is responsible for encouraging its members towards innovation and creativity. Prior to joining as a PhD candidate at NUS, he was working on a NIH (USA) funded project with University of California, San Francisco and St. Johns Research Institute, India as a hardware engineer.

He is currently focussing his research on informative path planning using Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs) for environmental monitoring of freshwater bodies. In his free time, he likes to read tech blogs and play Badminton.

Email: rajat.mishra (at) u.nus.edu