Wei Chong

Research Fellow

Chong is currently a Research Fellow at the ARL. He obtained his PhD degree in June 2016 from Xiamen University, China. The thesis of his PhD was the study on the physical mechanism of biosonar beam formation in dolphin's head. His education in bioacoustics was further enhanced when he was working as a joint PhD student at Hawaii Insitute of Marine Biology (HIMB) in the Univeristy of Hawaii, USA for two years. He also holds a Master of Science (MS) degree in marine physics from Xiamen University, Xiamen, China.

Chong joined ARL in December 2016. His research interests are bioacoustics, including numerical modeling of acoustic signals propagating in toothed whales, computed tomography image scan and CT data analysis, animal tissues acoustic properites measurement, animal acoustic signal recording and processing (toothed whales, fish, seals, sea lions, panda etc.)

Chong's love of bioacoustic research is rivaled only by his love of sports, especially basketball. He is a big loyal fan of Argentina national football team and he is a swimmer who was awarded as National Secondary Swimmer in China. Besides sports, he is good at calligraphy.

Email: chong (at) arl.nus.edu.sg