Wong Liang Jie

Research Engineer


Liang Jie received his honours degree in electronics engineering from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is currently pursuing his postgraduate studies in NUS with a research topic of "Signal Processing for Surveying of Deep Sea Mineral Nodules". Prior to joining ARL in 2015, he was a project engineer in Defence Science Technology Agency involved with acquisition management activities for naval sensor related projects.

Being inquisitive by nature, Liang Jie likes to dissect the inner workings of an object or a program through reverse engineering and further improves on it with what he's learned. During his free time, he enjoys playing board games, working on various DIY projects such as quadcopter, dabbling in machine learning source codes, swimming and whenever possible, head over to Bali for a short surf trip.

Email: tmswong (at) nus.edu.sg